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I've had a few questions on the optimal web design size and it's a thing that has always troubled me. I decided to do a bit of research on resolution ratios and the most optimal way of displaying a web design. You need a good canvas size, but you don't want to make it too large either.

Here I have created a web design template including a modified cinema screen, to go with it. The regular Apple Cinema has a tendency to bee almost too widescreen, so I've increased the hight slightly to make it fit a 1700 x 1000 pixels web design perfectly.

1700 x 1000 with a 1120 pixels main content width, has proven to be close to the perfect ratio and resolution for showing on both laptops and bigger screens. I find it to be a great starting point, when creating web designs of almost any kind.

Feedback is as always very welcome. Enjoy

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