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About vaginal health & common condition!!

Vaidehi Nair
Vaidehi Nair

The vagina considered the most sensitive & most versatile organ of a women's body & plays a crucial role in the reproductive system as well as other physical engagement activities. Especially after pregnancy women would find many drastic changes in her health cycle & body in terms of size, shape & functionality of various body components, mainly the intimate area gets affected & here vaginal rejuvenation takes place.

Vaginal rejuvenation is a medical procedure divided into two parts surgical treatment & natural rejuvenation procedure, primarily perform to improve the functionality & appearance of affected components. If we talk about vaginal health, from pregnancy to menstrual flow to aging various natural conditions liable to disturb the health of the vagina.

Vaginal laxity, incontinence & dryness these are some common condition faced by women mostly after post-pregnancy, were women not able to find any sensation during intercourse to prevent that we adopt different vaginal tightening procedures. Over the years we have aware of many types of treatment that claim that vaginal tightening is minimum days but does these treatments are safe? Adopting below natural ways are considered ways to maintain vaginal health.

Practice safer intercourse
Regular check-ups with Gynecologist
Kegel exercise
Keeping your Vagina clean with warm water
Avoid your douches, chemically made products, etc.
Pelvic stretch exercise
Go with cotton or commando inner wares
Add pro-biotic food
add yogurt in meal

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Vaidehi Nair
Vaidehi Nair
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