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I recently rebranded my portfolio. I work as a UX designer with a focus on people on a mission: charities, humanitarian organisations and indie makers doing tech for good. My previous branding was not going to work with this audience. Too bright, too pink, the copy was also a bit too edgy for this audience, full of puns and jokes as if I was applying for stand-up comedy.

I also wanted to try building something on Webflow, which I hadn’t used before. And that’s probably my favourite no-code builder so far.

On top of that, I put a lot of effort into making the site accessible:

• navigation with the space bar
• alt-text properly filled
• high colour contrast ratio
• legible fonts

👋 Have a question or a project you'd like to discuss? Send me an email.

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Tamara Sredojevic
UX Designer for People on a Mission

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