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The possibility of 3D modeling through augmented reality in space is no longer new to anyone. An example of this is the presentation of the original 12 iPhone chips. Nevertheless, I wanted to create an application that gives the same opportunity to design and place objects in space that you do not physically have yet to know for sure - this is what you need.

The main problem was the lack of a universal application on the market that allows the user to interact with both 3D models and directly with the scanning itself. Simultaneously, this application makes it possible to print your result on a 3D printer or order any of the available models for yourself.

Therefore, I decided to collect all the best solutions on the market and bring them into an overall pleasant style. I tried to combine augmented reality, scanning, and customization of 3D models in one application.

The solution allows the user to cover several needs with one universal tool. You can always scan friends or objects. And if necessary, even create a detailed model for printing on a 3D printer. All this is done as conveniently as possible, and this APP is always at hand. To use it does not require special skills and is now available to a wide range of people.

Design — Sketch
3D — Cinema 4D

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