[Infographic] Litmus Email Client Market Share 2013

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We recently released a 2013 Email Client Market Share infographic review. I modeled the design after emailclientmarketshare.com. All of the data came from over 3 billion emails we tracked in 2013! I had a ton of fun on this one & think it's one of my better infographics. Be sure to check out the full attachment

Here are some of the fun facts:
- 51% of emails are now opened on a mobile device—Tweet this
- Mobile email opens increased 21% in 2013—Tweet this
- iPhone and Outlook were the #1 and #2 email clients all year in 2013—Tweet this
- 38% of all emails are opened on iOS—Tweet this
- Android email opens increased 57% in 2013—Tweet this
- Gmail email opens increased 50% in 2013—Tweet this

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