Google meet - Virtual office - Inside view

Remote working has drastically changed the way we work during lockdown, and with now all of us working remotely we lack of the visibility, spontaneity and randomness of our interactions.

I have created Google Meet - Virtual office
When in the virtual office you can see everyone in your domain and see where they virtually are and who they are interacting with.

You can easily join open rooms and hangout with your friends.

Sometimes a room can be locked. You can unlock to enter if you are invited, or you can knock at the door.

Each avatar can be hovered to show details about the person in the room

Avatars describe activities happening in the room.
- Speaking (via microphone)
- Typing
- Chatting (via message)
- Collaborating on a Google document
- Collaborating on a third party
- Presenting to the room: The presenter is then highlighted and is twice the size.

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Posted on Oct 13, 2020

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