Computer Graphics Company Website with 3D Cubes

Hey there!

Here at Zajno, we're currently working on a website for a computer graphics company that promotes cooperation among artists, students, and professionals working in the digital creative industry.

Our task was to make a clean and user-friendly landing page with minimalistic but tasty visuals. After creating a moodboard and finalizing the design direction at an interview with the client, we ended up with the idea of smooth and vibrant 3D cubes as the main visual and motive, incorporated into a neat and elegant design.

After the first stage was done, we got down to business, Bogdan made the 3D visuals of the cubes in Cinema 4D and I designed the page. What you see above is the hero screen. This is WIP though, so more is coming soon. Stay tuned!

Let me know what you think of this guys!

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