Safety Owl - Vector Illustration

At 4insite we had finished most of the UI and UX for the cross-platform apps. We turned our focus on creating empty states.

The Safety Department was one a cornerstone of what the app reported on as it was workforce management tool.

To liven up the app (that was focused on numbers and stastics), I came up with the concept of an animal that had big eyes, could see things from the macro and the micro if you will (see the big picture and the individual). A mascot of sorts for the safety team, fun, respectable, and easy to relate to for the team members.

After some sketching and concept work, I came up with Safety Owl. Safety Owl has amazing eyesight and will always be keeping a watchful eye on your employees to make sure they were safe and able to report any incidents that may occur.

Paul Plescov
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