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iOS 14 Handcut Icons

We have created a simple hand cut icon set made for iOS 14 with over 105 icons for major apps in a cutout handmade style.

If you’re looking to change up the look of your iPhone, using an iOS 14 icon set is a cool way to do it. You can replace all your favorite app icons with custom ones that have a consistent look and feel.

In iOS 14 Apple introduced the Shortcuts app to the iPhone and iOS devices. Allowing you to apply custom icons to your apps.

Instructions are included on how to add to your device, and set each icon shortcut, along with:

- Over 105 icons and more being added on request
- PNG format images are supplied in 1024 x 1024 pixels in size
- Full icon Set in Full Color
- Full icon Set in Pink
- Full icon Set in Yellow
- Full icon Set in Orange
- SVG OTF Color Font of icons
- Standard Icon TTF Font Included
- Background iOS images

For a Limited time only $4.99!

Matt Rowan
Graphic / Web / Type Designer

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