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  1. Jesse Dodds Jesse Dodds

    Here's where I landed with our primary (platform-level) and secondary (product-level) navigation bars. Still yet to decide upon toggling between dark and light for logged in vs. logged out users, but I'm quite happy with where I've landed for the minute.

    As always, feel free to leave feedback — always great to get insights from alternative perspectives, and if you haven't already, check out what we're doing at

    2 months ago

  2. Prathyush Prathyush

    I think I prefer the light version.

    By the way, which extensions is that color picker and graded file logo?

    2 months ago

  3. Jesse Dodds Jesse Dodds

    @Prathyush Color picker is and the other is :)

    2 months ago

  4. Esben Lorenzen Esben Lorenzen

    This looks awesome.. Not sure what I prefer, but leaning most towards the light one.

    What is the purpose of the dropdown toggle in the search bar?

    2 months ago

  5. Daniel Sandvik Daniel Sandvik

    Dark for sure!


    2 months ago

  6. Dustin Cartwright Dustin Cartwright

    Definitely the dark in my opinion. Wouldn't this be an ideal scenario for A/B testing though?

    2 months ago

  7. Ruben Filipe Ruben Filipe

    Dark version for me!

    about 1 month ago

  8. Kris Gösser Kris Gösser

    I prefer the light, to be honest.

    about 1 month ago

  9. Scotty Simpson Scotty Simpson

    Nice & clean. Light = logged out, dark = logged in

    17 days ago

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