Spec Digital Brochure

Hello, Dribbblers!

I've been working on Spec's new design system which will be used across all the internal platforms and hopefully the marketing assets including spec.co. So, this is the first marketing-related design that I had a chance to try the new visual style out beside the internal platforms.

The internal platforms heavily rely on certain CSS frameworks such as Bootstrap. That naturally brings some restrictions, therefore save development time. But there's no sacrifice when it comes to the marketing since they are customer-facing assets and a solid part of the branding. As you all know the design systems are living organisms which means they're open to changes anytime. It is the same for the Spec design system. We decided to revisit the entire library after using the existing one which Balkan Brothers created previously.

I hope the new initiation would be successful as theirs :)

Thank you for watching and reading! 🤝

Emrah Kara
Functional and intuitive design through simplicity in mind.

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