Character made for NVIDIA Challenge on ArtStation. Ispired to #NivanhChanthara works (my favorite artist) and #TsutomuNihei style.


2020 – In the world spreading a new illness .
2025 – All known antiviruses have failed and now the world population is 38% less. The epidemy continue.
2030 – Only 27% of mondial population survivals with hard rules and hard law but the diffusione of virus continue.
2040 – A military scientists group start the experimention of a new solution , to make a new virus to fight the epidemy. The scientists started the human experiment to insert inside the human body the synthetic symbiont. The hope that this is a new way to save the humanity. The first subject is the Majior Antex Phoenix.
2042 – The last part of world population (5%) lived in a modern city behind high walls that separate the city to rest of the ill world. The border-line between the walls and the outside is supervised from the sentinels , all militaries receved the synthetic symbionts, guided by the Major Antex Phoenix.
ARTSTATION: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/dO9J0K

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