Behold the fruit of the labour of our team (and my humble self) of last several months: a store within GOG GALAXY 2.0. The library of your games is now in one place even more than before. The closed beta includes, alongside games from GOG.COM catalogue, hand-picked games from Epic Games Store.
And that's just a warm-up! 💪

Since GOG GALAXY 2.0 launch, the most requested new feature has been the option to buy games not only from GOG.COM, but also from other platforms straight from the app.
That's why we're launching the invite-only test phase of the new store inside GOG GALAXY.
We invite the first group of gamers to test the new store we’re working on, and share their feedback with us.
They will have the option to buy games from a selection of hand-picked Epic Games Store exclusive titles, alongside all GOG.COM games.
There is still plenty of work ahead of us. As the internal beta test continues, we will be inviting more gamers, expanding the store's catalog and introducing new features we can't wait to show you 💜

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