Sevenbarks Graphics

Sevenbarks Graphics

The mark has been approved, but there is still time for tweaks so any suggestions/feedback is more than welcome. The color palette hasn't been approved yet, but if definitely one of the front runners.

I'm going to make the nick on the B a little bit bigger, so that it's more noticeable, specifically for small sizes. However, I don't think it's super important that this be instantly read as "SB," but it should be a little bit more obvious!

This mark is derived from the hull of a ship, abstractly of course. (In simplest terms, the part of the ship that sits below the waterline). This was a direction the client really wanted to pursue, but since doesn't doesn't mean anything to their industry or even their name (easily recognizable, at least) I wanted to incorporate something that did. Thus, the monogram.

The background is a random google image once we move further along with branding I'll take some photos of their equipment and shop.

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