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Thea lies upon women empowerment. To create the brand visual identity, I dug into the 1960s style, a time my grand-mother thought safer for women than my own.

I spent some time adjusting the colour palette. You know, trying to give accessibility a chance on the site.

It was important for Thea to share, loud and clear, the causes the collective care about: women’s rights, LGBTQ rights, climate change. So we pushed this with Natalia Albin’s collage.

I used the copy on the first card as a secondary menu system. It’s a way for first-time users to get to know Thea and start digging with a bit of context.

As a collective, our freelancers bring with them an established portfolio of work which we featured on the second card. And not just to add credibility but to enhance the brand values. Thea is made up of people with different skills but a shared passion - working with brands that are shaking shit up.

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Posted on Oct 2, 2020
Tamara Sredojevic
UX Designer for People on a Mission

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