I am very happy to show the givto logo.

It feels good to give back to charities who need a helping hand. The Better Giving Partnership here in the UK started givto, they make giving easy. This was done totally free of charge, because it is ok to work for free if you strongly support a good cause.

givto is quick and easy. Every month they send you details of three great charities. Just choose the one you want your money to go to and they will do the rest. They'll even sort out the Gift Aid so your chosen charity doesn’t have to.

You can find them on Twitter or on givto.org

The idea for this logo came from inserting coins into a charity box, the concept was even more solidified when I remembered our local supermarket has a large token bank with 3 slots for 3 different charities at the entrance. For the type, I had to create this from scratch because I could not find a typeface that suited.

Next job their website.

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