Hey everyone, we are so happy to finally share all the fine work that went into branding, designing and successfully launching Ziina, UAE’s first licensed peer-to-peer payment app. Ziina is on a mission to bring the next generation of financial services to the Middle East.

Here we are showing a sneak peek into the brand guidelines and some other goods we created for them. By having an intention behind the colour palette and graphics, we were able to create an identity that can range from a sophisticated and functional look to something more playful and cutting-edge. This enables Ziina to communicate at different levels to investors, team members, and users without losing any of its core values.

Thanks to True To Form for getting us on the project. Collaborating with TTF agency helped us define the product, it’s core features and craft research based user experience with a no-nonsense approach. Thanks to Filip, Wes and rest of the BB team for their work on the project as well.


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