Married Or Single

Back in December I had to fill out my W4 form again for the company I work for. I _hate_ government forms! They make little sense, are overly complicated, and look terrible. While trying to figure out whether to fill in 0s or 1s and adding and subtracting I thought of how similar the form is to boolean logic and thought it wouldn't be difficult to build a simple web app that would ask simple, easy to understand questions and then fill out a form for you.

So I started planning and designing the app. Now I'm at the point where I need to develop the product but I'm hitting a brick wall. I'm not really a programmer, I work with markup and styles primarily. I thought I could learn enough to build it myself but now I'm not sure.

We'll see what happens ;) If you read this and are a whiz kid and building cool stuff and want to help, feel free to reach out, you can find me on twitter at @sylvezine.

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