Personal Realign

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Working out a possible realign for and turning the site into more a portal that links to my Tumblr, Twitter, etc. accounts.

Although I'm having trouble figuring out how to align the type short of absolute positioning and image replacement. I definitely do not want to turn the text into images and replace those with CSS, so a possible combination of Cufon and absolute positioning will be the driving factor behind this. Not too concerned about cross-browser compatibility because it's my personal site and I'm allowed to experiment, dammit.

What does the Dribble community think? Is it worth sacrificing support for older versions of IE and those without JavaScript to do something cool on your personal site? Me thinks so. Would love to hear someone else's opinion though...

Other sites such as Tumblr, Twitter, etc. will be more accessible because more pertinent content to the public as a whole will be available.


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