Let's say a traveller is on the go in a foreign country, carrying his suitcase in his left hand and trying to interact with his mobile phone while at the same time the sun is gleaming on his screen, and on top of that, he also needs to take care not to cross the street on a red light.

That's designing for the real world, out there, in the wild, where each case is an edge-case. We, as designers, need to emphatize with the people who'll use our app, and not design only for the sake of things looking aesthetically pleasing but usable too.

I tried to have this mentality throughout all the design process of the Tribevibe app. Requesting a stay is one of them.

A Tribevibe member might not be in a position to request a stay in the comfort of his home or a café, in a perfectly controlled environment. That's why I tried to design the flow to require as fewer taps as possible. So, adding the dates of stay is just one tap away, where he can select from previously saved trips. The only available interaction with the tool is the typing part, so I made sure to at least dedicate a separate screen for that with as fewer distractions as possible.

But what is Tribevibe?
Tribevibe is a global community of travellers, wanderers, and curious people that thrive under the premise that the world is inherently good. It provides a platform for meaningful connections and experiences. Simply put, it's a community for untourists—for those that travelling is a way of life and a path to self-discovery.
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