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There’s news, but this time, the good one! On september 30, Moscow will host the Runet Rating competition ceremony, and our website for Trest-36 developer was included in the list of finalists. Cedro’s managers Pavel and Dmitry have already booked a hotel and now they are sharing some details about this project.

We were supporting Trest-36’s former website from 2019. Even then, many of the company’s competitors had updated resources with refreshed design, improved usability and new functions. So, we offered our client to develop a new website too. No sooner said than done.

🔹 The website’s new design was inspired by German architectural style called Bauhaus. Its characteristic features are simplicity, order and minimalism. As the result we have this clear and intuitive interface with accents in micro-animations and UX.
🔹 We also added a search on apartments and an interactive map based on Google Maps. We marked metro stations, schools and other infrastructure, so users can see what is close to their future apartments.
🔹 Then, we developed a mortgage calculator, which computes the loan according to the rates of the company’s partner banks. We are especially proud that all this functions are available in both desktop and mobile versions.
🔹 Our guys also created an independent system for building landing pages inside the main website to promote new real estate. This is faster and more convenient.

We solved several tasks at once: modernized the design, expanded the functionality and didn’t not overthink something. From now on, no mess — only Bauhaus:
@rodionov8 - helped me with this work.
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