LeaseLeads Lander and WP Plugin Built on Webflow

Had a really awesome time helping the boys here locally with a sweet Wordpress Plugin for the real estate market! Product design and landing page was all built with Webflow (designed first in Figma). Concept ran with starting with a series of cards and custom ui kit for their Product (did this first) and then took the elements and created the landers with some Tiempos Font, and styled sections.

Easy peasy 2/3 week project that did the job and got them selling this thang..... Webflow conversion was supper simple after the design system was made. Took another week to implement Memeberstack so that one can pay for the plugin (in tiers) and download it.

Figma + Webflow + Memberstack
soft launched in 2/3 weeks with the help of making a nifty design system first.

Tayler Freund
SaaS forward Webflow Dev/UX'er Product Designer & No-Coder

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