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Do Not Track Me widget [wip]

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Do Not Track Me widget [wip] widget app browser tracking user web product website flat social ui interface

This is the browser widget i designed as one of a few different for Abine and theirs DoNotTrackMe product. Even my versions did not make it to the production, there was a lot of fun on going through different UX and UI ideas to make things pretty simple and badass looking :)

The one shown here is in the state where you hit the global button to block all the companies. When its done, the green strip under "all 6..." will get back to white color/dark text and only the checkmark background will remain green.

The widget does the following:

✓ Browse through different sites and so you can setup the tracking for each
✓ Shows actual URL and global button for allowing / blocking all tracking of you
✓ Shows the number of companies gathering data on you
✓ You can go trough various sections (social, data, email, credit card,..) and manually block / unblock each tracking

User case coming soon ;)

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