Thank You Machine illustrations

Endless possibilities.

The approach to the illustrations for the Thank You Machine characters were guided by the following principles:

- Make the wall as diverse as possible, avoiding a too repetitive illustration pattern.
- Engage the visitors and make them tap into their own creativity

We collaborated with the fantastic illustrators from the creative collective NousVous to bring our Thank You Machine characters to life.

A grid system was set up that allowed for all character parts to work together in any combination. NousVous illustrated different bodies, heads, faces, hair styles and accessories for the user to create their own little character.

Throughout the process we worked closely with the colleagues from Zendesk’s GDE&I team to ensure the characters felt inclusive and didn’t discriminate. Even though the illustrations are based on the human shape, NousVous established a more abstract and playful style resulting in fun and colourful illustrations that don’t take themselves too seriously.

Go have a play for yourself:

Illustrations by NousVous

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Posted on Sep 25, 2020
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