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Hello people,

So we here at BB Agency had the opportunity to help out Morten Lund and the team behind Poshtel International by introducing a new visual language for their Poshtel sub-products (Nabo, Embassy) and websites. We designed the new array of websites with a custom WP integration.

What is Poshtel and Nabo specifically? Nabo’s vision and aim are to build a sustainable co-living space in the countryside that is so cool that everyone will want to leave the cities. Imagine that you could live close to nature in an enormous, boutique hotel-style summer house. All year. With like-minded people sharing similar views on life in general.

Check out our design exploration for their new website. In the end, the team decided to go with a more simplified experience due to issues of scaling and managing such web environment.

Thanks to Filip and Tomislav from BB, and Morten, Emimantas from Poshtel, for their support during the project.



Posted on Sep 23, 2020
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