On this page of my class menu, I created a special page for the classes that students participate in. On this page there are several features to facilitate students in the learning process, such as: On Progress Class, Popular Classes and Weekly Assignments.

On Progress Class

In this on progress class, I designed it with the aim of students finding it easy to find which class they participated in, by displaying the class name, speaker, number of modules, number of hours on the course and the percentage of progress that students have taken in this class to make it easier for students to find out. to what extent did he attend the class.

Popular Classes

Popular Classes aim to provide choices to students who have or have never attended classes in an agensip class. Popular classes are measured from the number of enthusiasts from the class. More details from these popular classes if students select to view all, there will be a page where all class lists from agensip classes will be displayed.

Weekly Assignment

Weekly Assignment here is a list of assignments given by the speaker to students who take their classes. This aims to measure how well the students understand the material described by the speaker.

I hope you guys can give other thoughts about this exploration. Feel free to leave feedback on comment :)

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