Agensip Class-Dashboard Screen

On this dashboard page, I designed the UI by including several features in it including Activity Update Class, Score Statistics, Statistics Class, Suggest Class for You, Ebook for you, and upcoming Class.

Let me explain in detail:

Activity Update class

In this feature, I try to facilitate the Agensip Class students so they don't miss the updates from the course teacher. The class activity contains book recommendations given by the teacher and information about the assignments given by the teacher. I designed this to make students more noticeable about assignments and updates ”that occur in the classes they are participating in.

Score Statistics

This Score Statistics is the average score obtained by students which can be viewed by day, week, and month

Statistics Class

Class Statistics is used to measure the class progress that has been carried out by students, there I design the statistics based on the classes the students have completed, the classes they are currently participating in, and the classes they have ordered but have not started.

Suggestion Class for You

In this feature, students will get class recommendations from the system based on the student's interests so that it is easier for students to choose which class they will follow next.

E-book for You

This feature aims to make it easier for users to find book updates that occur in an Agensip Class, this Ebook for you is taken based on the class he is in to be more relevant to the interests he wants.

Upcoming class

The upcoming class feature is intended for students to make it easier to see the schedule that they will participate in in the Agensip Class by week, month, and year.

I hope you guys can give other thoughts about this exploration. Feel free to leave feedback on comment :)

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Thank you.


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