Animated GIF Practice

A casual stroll 2

Here I am not-so-patiently awaiting Fraser Davidson's Skillshare class. I thought I would get a head start and broaden my basic knowledge of After Effects so here I am, experimenting away at my Mac.

I've never used After Effects before, so am pretty pleased with the outcome. The illustration is in Fraser's style in order to try and get a bit of practice in animating an character like we'll be creating - I want to develop my own style of animation once the basic process is nailed and look forward to creating more unique illustrations in my style once I am at this stage.

The main thing I want to learn from the class is the animation of the arms, they are very static and stiff at the moment, so want to learn to animate a character's arms primarily as I realise that this guy's heavy toolbox would weigh him down a bit and his arms in general will also be more 'floppy', so to speak.

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