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Take a look at more screens of the self-care app we shared with you some months ago (and it was a hit!). This app helps to relieve before-bed anxiety, organize thoughts, and find peace of mind with its selection of guides and meditation mentors, mental therapy, and daily tasks.

This Dribbble shot is a compilation of the main screens of the app: onboarding, registration, a user profile, calendar, lessons selection and more.

The main color of the interface is green - a restful and quiet color that attracts harmonious feelings. Green is used to highlight an active UI component. The general color palette is light. It helps users focus their attention on the content and relaxation and avoid any possible distractions.

What makes this app special? Ability to track your well-being and mood by choosing a corresponding emoji. Based on the mood logs, the app will create personalized selections of lessons, mental therapies, and daily tasks.

Your feedback is important and valuable for us. We’re excited to hear your thoughts!

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