Washington Legends (Redskins Rebrand)


A 3-day (~9 hour) design challenge to rebrand of the Washington Redskins in a way that detaches from the organization's controversial branding/marketing. The Redskins moniker was established in 1933, a time we all know had more civil unrest compared to today. Somehow, decades later, the name was still used and influenced more and more cultural and racial issues and misappropriation across the NFL and its fans.

The issues I see with the proposed names is their potential short-sightedness. Names like RedWolves and RedTails conflict with the current naming system across the NFL and they also funnel up to a key concept—legendary people. In many ways, we are all legends; and Washington DC is where these stories are ultimately remembered.

This rebrand concept brings forward what Washington DC is known for, being the home of national history and stories. From dinosaur fossils and Hall-of-Farmers to the Declaration of Independence.

To elaborate on this premise, football laces were used in combination of time-slot “notches” often used when displaying graphical data. Think Census. The combined elements make a unique abstract mark with a sense of power, progress, and speed.

Posted on Sep 18, 2020
Brian Whitfield
Shedding Light & Making Names

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