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This is an exploration for Agensip Class online course👨‍🎓

Agensip class is a website where students can learn about UI / UX design with the mentors who are already available.

Here I designed 3 screens, namely: Dashboard, My class, and Ebook

Here I explain the concept:

1. Dashboard
This dashboard contains a collection of agensip class student learning statistics, such as course scores and class progress the student is taking. Then there is the Upcoming Class for student class schedules and Activity Class Updates for class activity notifications.

2. My Class
This page contains a list of classes attended by Agensip Class students with their progress, after that there is a popular class containing classes with a high level of interest, and there are weekly assignments for Agensip Class student assignments.

3. Ebook
On this Ebook page, it contains several reference books that students can use to deepen their UI / UX knowledge.

Alright, that's all :D, any thought about this exploration? Feel free to leave feedback on the comment :)

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Thank you.


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