HAZEKIND Brand Full Logo Hand Drawn / Vector

Hello Dribblers!

I know its been more than a few days since I have kept you updated on some of the brands that I have been creating. Its been busy but I have finally completed the HAZEKIND TSHIRT-Logo brand design.

The design itself is a blend of both freehand paint and marker but also vector art in this design as well.

Please let me know how you like it and any improvements that you might see would be greatly appreciated.

I also have a motorsports company brand that I am starting and a veteran brand that I am just wrapping up as well, so once I complete this veteran design I will post it for everyone to check it out, its not great but its effective once I place some pantone colors and make it pop just a bit more…anyways I will show this once I am completed with the overall design.

Follow me and I will follow you as I set trends so stay in my bubble and you will learn some really neat tricks and tips coming up in the near future but for now here is a note for branding design.

When you first receive a branding design, in this case let’s say a logo. First, I would recommend getting a clear understanding for the client’s expectations before actually jumping right into the design phase. This will prevent you from over working but also be in tuned with what the client’s vision is in the first place. Important and also learn your client’s deliverables as well, there may be more work for you so identify this also up front so you also have you own expectations as well!

This is all for me and I promise next time to have new designs!

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