Life in Pandemic: Misted Glasses

There is no way to survive the new reality but adapting to it. That is what happens with people around the world adjusting to life in the new conditions of pandemic and virus protection. And that's what our project is about: we've designed the collection of illustrations and marketing graphics devoted to the year of life with COVID, showing how not only individuals but also different businesses adjust and change. This illustration was created for the brand of exclusive eyeglasses and sunglasses. Those who wear glasses know the pain of glasses that get misty as soon as you put on a face mask – that's the idea behind the campaign. Stay safe!

Check the full collection in Behance presentation and stay tuned to see more arts from this series here.

Also, welcome to see more of our arts in the big and diverse collection of 2D artworks, the set of landscape illustrations or review the practical tips on creative illustration from our studio designer.

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