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Do You remember our last projects with the dashboard of a smart tasks management tool?

As part of improving her skills, Dominika created a landing page project from which application users will be able to learn the most important information about its functions and benefits.

So in the first row, you may see the application’s most important features - measured time⏳, spend on a given task, list of current assignments📋, and history⌚.

As the idea of our application was meant for companies in the benefits section we wanted to clearly show what the company would gain by using it. To strengthen it we also added the “testimonials” section.

We thought that a newsletter subscription would also be a good addition✉

The entire design corresponds graphically with the palette🎨 and design style that we used to create the application dashboard. In addition, we used some fashionable patterns to give the whole a light, pleasant look, which we believe makes us more willing to use the tools.

Thanks for the help: https://dribbble.com/romee

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