Hey dribbble. Can we talk?

Hey all! Here's a weird one. I just sent the following to dribbble:

- - -

Hey dribbble. Can we talk?

First of all I love you. Thanks for being one of my favorite places on the internet.

There are a few new-ish things about the site that make me feel icky.

- The ability to pay to boost shots
- The exclusion of non-Pro shots from the "New and Noteworthy" section (formerly "Recent")
- The inclusion of "enhanced exposure" as one of the perks listed for going pro.

This stuff is changing dribbble. Should artists have to pay for eyeballs? Should everyone have a chance to see anyone's work? Is there something to be said for shots becoming popular based on merit alone?

To be clear, my issue isn't with having to pay for Pro. It's with how the idea of "exposure" is being monetized.

Before these features were implemented, up-and-coming artists didn't have to pay to get their work seen by their potential peers, potential collaborators, and potential clients. Now they do.

No more "welcome to dribbble!" comments on debuts! No more random inquiries from clients that help you get your business off the ground! Far fewer chance encounters with kindred spirits from around the world!

Y'all are free to adopt any business model you want. I just want to point out things that threaten what makes this place so cool, so different, and so not-facebook. Thanks for hearing me out.

With respect,


- - -

Does anyone else on here feel weird about this stuff? Am I alone in the universe? Please let me know in the comments. Send a message of your own off to dribbble HQ if your heart so desires.

I hope you’re swell.

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Posted on Sep 16, 2020
Brent McCormick
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