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Hey, ramen lovers, 🍜

Ramen is incredibly tasty and unusual. This is the correct presentation of the dish and the sequence of ingredients. This is a whole culture around one single Ramen bowl, which lightly burst into Japanese culture from home China.

For me, creating a website for a restaurant with Ramen at its heart was more than a UX / UI design. The task was completely different, namely:

Many small, cute restaurants in Japan do not have the right online presentation to attract locals and tourists. As for food, it is much more difficult to serve it beautifully and tasty.

The client and I had a mutual goal to achieve an insanely attractive appearance so that we would like to “swallow the screen” :)
In other words, when a tourist is planning his journey, the client’s restaurant has to be a Must Visit place for him.

I combine 3D graphics, stylish linear illustrations, and the super real look of the main dishes, inspired by a team of passionate people with their specific point of view. We managed to do more than just a restaurant website; we created a new “Must sit & eat” place that should not be missed and just passed by. This is a small piece of Kyoto’s real soul.

Design — Sketch
Illustrations — Illustrator
Ramen plate - Cinema 4d
Animation — AE

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