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Today I realized how often I use this tool.
It's my first PS extension, which I made in Adobe Configurator. AC is a little bit retarded and doesn't give the opportunity to customize everything sadly. So the tool is not perfect, but I decided to share this with you!

ZoomTool is made to simplify work on retina-sized interfaces.
It has two modes:
- Retina - when you have Retina Mac display
- Normal - when you don't have a Mac with retina screen
Each one contains buttons like:
- @1x - it scales the area to real size (as you see on iDevice)
- @2x - it scales the area that is two times bigger than on device
Except of that there're three additional sizes like 800%, 1600% and MAX.

ZoomTool (ver. 1.0)
Grab this tool for free!

If you have any troubles with installing zxp from the above link - try to download this, unzip and move to /Applications/Adobe Photoshop/Plug-ins/Panels

Posted on Feb 12, 2014
Konrad Kolasa
Digital Product Designer – Tooploox, PDStudio.

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