Building websites in-front of people.

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We're really trying to do something important. The process for small businesses owners to get a sub $1000 website made is ridiculous. They often get taken for a ride that ends up costing thousands and drags on for weeks and sometimes months - for a simple 5 page website. Ughhh.

The new Thain Sites -

So instead, we sit them down and build it with them, so that means we only work with locals. It's sorta old fashioned, but the human element is the missing piece. It's a very boutique experience that people love so far.

We realized the website and design is just a small part of solving these problems. The main aspects are training, educating them and removing the smoke and mirrors from the experience. Walking them through every step and letting them see us work.

It's incredible what can be done when you are sitting at the same table from start to finish, and it's worked out very well for us. This is a new approach that we haven't seen before, and it's been difficult to think outside the box.

It's a high-pressure position to build websites in-front of people (it's like being a sushi chef), but the reward is awesome and they have nothing but good things to say so far :)

Let me know what you think.

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