What if our styles were more than just a set of static properties? What if everything in Figma could be a property variable that you could iterate through? Manipulate the data, no matter how granular it might be? Imagine setting one single Line height variable for your type system, or a typeface that would change across hundreds of your Frames, Pages, and Styles?

Biggest problems we face are at scale. We need better tools for large scale fast iteration at any stage of product design.

Inspired by Material Shader Editor of Unreal Engine 4 and a piece "How To Be More Organized While Designing UI" written by @MarekMinor, I conceptualize and explore the future of the design tools.

At first, came drawing on paper and canvas, then came the mighty Photoshop. Sketch and Figma followed, but all those tools share the same principles of pushing pixels together and apart. Le'ts see how else can we manipulate the pixels around us.

This video was fully animated and rendered inside Figma using Nvidia DSR resolution upscale and OBS for recording. You can duplicate the file here and give it a like over here: https://www.figma.com/community/file/885360249685300972/Figma-Styles-Editor


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