MathGame 5-10 online!!

MathGame 5-10 online!!

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We are happy to announce that we’ve launched (finally :) ) a cool in-house project we’ve been working on for the past 2 month. It is a math game for children of 5 – 10 years (pre-school and elementary school). The project started more in-house than many projects do. It has actually started in the family, springing from the need for some fun, yet thorough way to train our in-house first grader in elementary math.

Game is based on elementary school program: Addition, Subtraction or combination of Addition + Subtraction (with or without regrouping), Multiplication/Division, Comparisons

The coolest find of ours was the awards system. This game does not display a dancing character or confetti and boing-boing if the kid wins. Instead you can set 2 prizes (first and consolation prize) yourself. This way kids get seriously motivated, because they knows that they’ll physically get something they really likes! Like a candy bar, or an extra hour of cartoons.

Percentage threshold for the first and second prizes can also be set by kid’s parents.

Dig in!:)

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