Fall Fashion 2020 Edition

*Stream of consciousness ahead*

When I was a kid, I was sure I'd see flying cars, I thought the future would look like something out of star wars or the Jetsons... I think there's some pretty sweet things about the time we live in, but it doesn't have that crazy future vibe I expected as a kid... yet.

Instead of flying cars we have a pandemic, we have a lunatic american president, old problems like systemic racism, homophobia, our environment is dying lol... feels like we'll never get to "the future".

But, Fashion for this fall I'm sure is going to look like the future I imagined 😂, with an impending second wave of Corona...

Sorry this was very negative, really things are changing slow awareness is happening, and I'm sure the real future is on its way, we just need a good push something grand to confirm it... An easy quick fix would be to get rid of that lunatic president this fall... Go vote please it's not just America that is loosing because he's there.

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