WPAW 1: Underdark


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  1. Sebastiaan de With Sebastiaan de With

    Something new: I'll be making a wallpaper every week. Here's the first one, 'Underdark': a nice, subtle polygonal wallpaper in dark muted color.

    Tools used: Cinema 4D w/ AO & GI, Photoshop.

    Full res attached, more sizes for all your devices on my website.

    2 months ago

  2. Alex Wright Alex Wright

    Awesome - thanks @Sebastiaan de With !

    2 months ago

  3. Anton Kudin Anton Kudin

    Why not connect vertices on the left? Makes weird tiny polygons.

    2 months ago

  4. Zach Forrester Zach Forrester


    2 months ago

  5. Sebastiaan de With Sebastiaan de With

    @Anton: I got a bit batty seeing just the triangles and thought the crumply area was kind of neat. :)


    2 months ago

  6. Lisa Westermann Lisa Westermann

    This is my new background. Yey. Thank you! :- )

    2 months ago

  7. Russell Bishop Russell Bishop

    This one's a keeper, thanks!

    2 months ago

  8. Joachim Löfstedt Joachim Löfstedt

    I've been using SoftFacades wallpaper (http://dribbble.com/shots/248140-SoftFacade-wallpaper) since it came out, maybe I should try this one now :p

    2 months ago

  9. Jan Kovařík Jan Kovařík

    I'm using them on all my devices now, thanks. I'll keep an eye on the next series, it will be hard to beat it ;)

    2 months ago

  10. Kevin Minnis Kevin Minnis

    Set as wallpaper now. Subtle.

    2 months ago

  11. Andrea Cau Andrea Cau


    2 months ago

  12. Sublimeo Sublimeo

    nice design !

    2 months ago

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