Sprint Homepage Redesign

Role: UX/Art Direction, Design & QA of Sprint Homepage Redesign

The Ask: Take a cluttered, “deals, deals, deals!”-dominated homepage and minimalize it.

The Answer: Utilizing research and testing, we pushed beyond the ask to create what customers want to see from Sprint: a fresh design, approachability, humanity, authenticity, and transparency.

To do this, we infused the page with a structure that allows users to get right where they want to go, uncharacteristically bold messaging, fun illustrations, subtle hover animations, and photography that captures real people having real moments.

The Results: The cleanliness of the page architecture has so far resulted in a 169.3% increase in Black Friday conversions, 22% increase in overall conversions, and 18% increase in overall product orders.

The homepage redesign included a top navigation restructuring that will roll out later.

View Full Project: https://lanaeevans.com/project/art-direction-design-qa-sprint-homepage-redesign/

Posted on Aug 29, 2020

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