MAMP UI Refresh - Freebie

MAMP UI Refresh - Freebie

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Okay.. I went a little crazy and ended up replacing all of the custom UI elements in MAMP Pro. I've included the PSDs for those of you who want to tweak it to you're liking.

Here is the files, feel free to tweet me at @MattMischuk if you have any questions.

Download files!

How to update MAMP:
1. Quit MAMP Pro
2. Open up the files and locate the .icns file, open in "Preview" copy the image
3. Next find the "MAMP PRO" folder in your Applications Folder
4. Right click the "MAMP" file and select get info
and click the icon in the top left corner and hit "CMD+V"
5. (Optional) Repeat with the free version of MAMP if you would like
6. Right Click the "MAMP" file and select "Show Package Contents"
7. Double Click on Contents
8. Double Click on Resources
9. Open a new finder window and locate the "MAMP Assets" folder (this is within the dropbox link I included)
10. Select all images copy them
11. Paste them back in MAMP "Resources" Folder
12. Replace All (I included the original files)
13. Relaunch MAMP Pro and you're all set!

*Please note you will get a warning message indicating that the MAMP files have been changed this is normal.


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