Kitchen Fridge Interface

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For Handsome's weekly challenge I decided to take on my fridge's water dispenser and see how I could change the interface a bit and make it just a little bit easier to use and understand.

My favorite mechanic is definitely the water dispenser wherein the glass triggers a sensor that displays the amount of water being dispensed in oz and increments a "rising" water graphic. You can also have preset amounts of water to be dispensed which I thought might be cool.

I also took this opportunity to have some fun making my own illustrated water dispenser, fridge, and glass of water in AI/PS.

As I often do, there's a retina-friendly deck attached that shows the media player and water dispenser, hope you like it!

sidenote: The stickers shown as well as a bunch of shirts can be found in our office so if you ever choose to stop by, be sure to pick some up and say hi!

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