Angling & Anxiety Identity

A friend of mine has started a YouTube channel to talk about his love of Fishing and also the benefits that it has on Mental Health. Personally, I will always support anyone who tries to defeat the stigma around Mental Health as I'm an advocate of helping others talk about things they struggle to open up about.

It's not very often I get to flex my design muscles and think about brand identity so helping a friend out was a great opportunity for me. Most of my design ideas are clear here but incase you can't see the hidden things I've adjusted the ampersand to look like a 'g', I also wanted to make it look like a fishing line with the hook coming out of the 'A' but also do the intertwined look as a hat tip to the logo for Mind (the mental health charity).

This was a good bit of practice for me, and I always do my best to keep things simple.

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