Altrüus Gifting Platform Dashboard

Hey guys!

These are a few more screens we made for Altrüus platform that builds positive emotional experiences around brands. The platform is made for businesses who want to send their customers gifts to build brand loyalty. Altrüus product also includes an app made for customers to order gifts from retailers and a website we made to present it all to the world.

The name Altrüus derives from the word “altruism”. The idea is that shops and restaurants can give gifts to some of their customers for free to build loyalty and positive experiences around their brands. Or anyone can decide to give a free gift from local retailers to their friends through this service. Therefore the core idea is altruistic and beneficial to both sides.

The design of the platform is clean and easy to understand, but at the same time, it's lively, mostly owing to the vibrant illustrations made by @harlamov. The illustrations act as a visual interpretation of a concept that makes the user better understand the idea behind the product.

Have a look at Altrüus Case Study to learn more about the product!

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