SpiceWorld Video 🔴

This one was a true collaborative effort between myself (Design), Courtney DeNoto (Design), Taylor Christensen (Writer), Malcolm Hardiman (animation) and Sergio Trejos (sound).

Personally, this was my first ever animated video project and I loved every minute of it. Taylor wrote the script, while Malcolm came up with a rough idea/outline for myself and Courtney to run with. Initially, we devised a cohesive design language including repeated backgrounds and elements peppered throughout. Once that was figured out, each of us tackled frames–one by one–from both sides of the pond. Finally, we handed everything over to Malcolm who really brought it to life with animation, while Sergio provided the icing on the cake with the music.

The quality of the end result really is a testament to the hard work from everyone involved, and great teamwork consisting of fun team meetings and 'no holes barred' brainstorming.

This shot is only the first half. Watch the full video here >

Luke Etheridge
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