What Do You Need Right Now

"What Do I Need Right Now?" is an app prototype designed by Shanna Gerlach, Corey Hemingway, Martin Campbell, and Yasmin Salamah in 24 hours for Camp Figma 2020.

In response to the challenge to create something to bring more joy into the world, we designed an app that empowers people with tools to improve their own mental state through a calming journey of questions in a slowly-changing environment full of little visual surprises.

You can take the "What Do You Need Right Now" journey by viewing the complete prototype here: https://tinyurl.com/wdynrn

My contributions included creating the hand lettering, copywriting, and flow map, conducting user research, and collaborating on concept development and execution in Figma.

The final goal of this app is to no longer be necessary. Our hope is that as people interact with it on a regular basis, they will become more in tune with the needs of their bodies and minds, and be empowered to ask themselves those questions without an app whenever they’d like to feel better.

I've been very intimidated about going into the field of UX/UI design without having majored in it, but this project reminded me that having other backgrounds can also be so valuable! I was excited to use a lot of the things I'd learned in Psych in order to create something that could truly improve mental health on an everyday basis.

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