Breath of fresh air

Almost 3 months after the end of the lockdown (and my last project), I'm back. More lowpoly than ever. The restart was devastating, I thought the big problem was the quarantine, and instead it was after. It still is. But slowly, after fixing one thing at a time, I was able to resume. So I post a job of an hour, all my stuff, obviously Lowpoly. I took advantage of it, and I made a further change to the fake light, now you can manage it much much better and I think it is also better visually. I played a bit with colors, with a couple of lights, but nothing too elaborate, complex. Render in Cycle.

Come on, I hope you like it and I hope that you too, between post lockdowns and holidays (for those who made them) have found some of that serenity that seems a little lacking these days.


Luca Ferro
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